How to connect Tractor Truck and Semi-trailer?

Step 1: Check the saddle plate if have enough lubricating grease, make sure the plate and king pin are clean;

Step 2: Adjust the landing gear, 10-30mm higher than saddle plate.

Step 3: Make the locking device of saddle open, like as shown in the photo;

Step 4: Keep center line of tractor truck and semi-trailer the same, let tractor truck back up slowly, when hear click, locking block return, connect successfully!

Step 5: Check the locking.

Step 6: Connect the inflatable line and control line(red to red, yellow to yellow);

Trailer pipe joint                     Tractor truck lines

Step 7: Open the switch of air circuit on the tractor truck, inflate semi-trailer, or its brake system can not work;

Step 8: Start the engine, let cylinder air pressure of tractor and semi-trailer get the standard data;

Step 9: Check the lines if has gas leak, check if the brake system can work normally.

Tractor truck and semi-trailer connect well.

Step 10: Insert tractor truck’s cable connecting plug into semi-trailer’s seven hole receptacle.

Step 11: Check all lamps of semi-trailer if work well.